Upcoming Workshops

Beginners Oil Painting
Maree Cathcart

Saturday Dec 9

9.30am – 3.30pm


Learning outcomes:

  • How to set up a studio space with all materials ready for painting.
  • How to mix tube paints on a palette and apply them toa support.
  • Oil painting terms such as underpainting, Alla Prima andChiaroscuro.
  • What brushes to use for various parts of their painting.
  • Clean up of equipment.

Cost $120 (NSAS Members $102)

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Art History Presentation
The impact of technical possibilities on Photography over the last century
Erhard Wingels

Sunday Dec 10

12noon - 1pm
McKee Gallery

Erhard gave his collection of cameras dating 1920 - 2000 to a German museum.

The audience is invited and encouraged to bring old cameras
along for an open discussion with Erhard. Erhard will discuss
the history and use of. All welcome, with or without a camera.
Ideally of course old examples of cameras will make for a more
interesting encounter / discussion.

COST: $5

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All galleries and  facilities are wheelchair accessible.
A wheelchair is available at reception.

Assistance dogs are welcome.
Unless stated, Nelson Suter Art Society Workshops are held in The Mina Arndt Education Room

Spaces limited for ALL classes!

To book yours please
email: nsasworkshops@gmail.com
or phone: 020 4148 6515

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Figurative Clay Sculpture Class
Vicki Charles

Saturday Feb 17 2018
9.30am – 3.30pm


Suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced. In this one day workshop “Figurative Clay Sculpture Class” l teach the basics of figure work. Also, I introduce anatomy and proportion. Through demonstrations and hands-on practice, participants will learn how to create either torso/figure and a hand. Participants can either be a beginner or advanced, Sculptures can be figurative or stylized, large or small. This class will help you create a sculpture from your imagination, drawing, or  photo. Please bring an image of what you would like to make.

Clay can be purchased off Vicki cost depending on size of piece. Vicki has over 16 years of sculpting . Vicki tutors sculpture at Craft Potters, Hope and is working full time as a practicing artist with regular exhibitions and represented in local and national galleries.

Cost $120 (NSAS Members $102)
Materials fee to tutor $5 - $10 for clay and $5 for bisque firing
Please bring a pot lunch to share

Acrylic Painting for Beginners

Janice Gill
Saturday Nov 11 10am – 4pm


Painting workshop for complete beginners.


Don’t be shy; you already have many of the required skills. If you can hold a pencil, choose paint for the kitchen and ask a question you’re well on the way to having a day’s fun. We’ll explore colour, line, layout and techniques using still life as subject matter. Give it a go in a supportive environment.

Cost $120 (NSAS Members $102)

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Exploring background techniques with Textile Artist

Jill Richards


Saturday Nov 18

9.30am – 4pm


A full day of experimentation and


Classes will cover techniques for creating backgrounds for work on textiles and also some can be used for paper/canvas application too. I will demonstrate the techniques, show how I have used them and discuss other possible applications.

You will learn rust dyeing, and resists, then move on to mono and geli plate printing and fi nish off the day using fusible webbing as a paint and background surface in diff erent ways.

Cost $120 (NSAS Members $102)
$5 materials fee payable to tutor

gallery/workshop 5

Drawing in Mixed Media
Judith Ritchie

Saturday Nov 25
9.30am – 4pm


Learn many easy, fun and quirky ways to prepare backgrounds for works on
paper, as well as techniques for gestural drawing, line drawing and shading.


Some materials supplied but students should bring their own art equipment, such as art block of watercolour/cartridge paper. Full materials list will be sent to each student.

COST: $120 ($102 NSAS Members)

gallery/workshop 3

Art History Presentation - Milestones in German Woodcarving
Erhard Wingels

Sunday 19th November
12noon - 1pm
McKee Gallery


Tilmann Riemenschneider (Renaissance) and Ernst Barlach  (last century)

COST: $5

gallery/erhard-portrait m

Art History Presentation - Kinetic Art
Erhard Wingels

Sunday Dec 3
12noon - 1pm
McKee Gallery


A brief extract about the last 100 years of this new art form.
(From Eadweard Muybridge to moving LED sculptures)


gallery/erhard-portrait m