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Nelson Suter Art Society

to promote and encourage the cultivation and production of work in the visual arts


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gallery/img_20170907_065528 s

Lynette Cain

Rose Shepard

Lyn Broughton

gallery/serena 03

Serena Buonaguidi-Haynes

gallery/tania bostock s

Tania Bostock

gallery/jane smith s

Jane Smith

gallery/thicket- jan thomson-watercolour s

Jan Thompson

gallery/composite pot s

Erika Aupperle

gallery/Leigh Dougherty

Leigh Dougherty

gallery/kerry a s

Kerry Aitken

gallery/vickicharles s

Vicki Charles

gallery/img_2041 s

Kathaleen Marie Bartha

gallery/p1000983 s

Caroline Baker

gallery/!!!... night 20170210_094935 s

Larisse Hall

gallery/shaune lisa & art s

Shaune Lisa Hattrick

gallery/found; when no one was looking s

Robert Thompson

gallery/sue broad wrap,wool & silk, deflected double weave s.

Sue Broad

Lisa Chandler

gallery/lisachandler_maid1618 s
gallery/p9141568 s

Sue Newitt

gallery/don't run into it - lobster_buoy_in_maine s

Nicole Russell

gallery/paparazzi ii detail s

Michael Potter

gallery/chrsitine -enclosed s

Christine Wingels

gallery/carmel beach buddies j richards s

Jill Richards

Julie Stewart

gallery/julie pain s
gallery/changing clothes s

Jimena Munoz

gallery/dsc03017 s

Steve Halton

gallery/artist portrait s

Cameron Blaisdell

gallery/joanne kouwenhoven auckland art gallery bubbles

Joanne Kouwenhoven

gallery/img_1701 rahel portrait

Rahel Brodi-Sharrock


Bonnie Coad


Dharan Longley


Jane Hibbert


Catherine Walters

gallery/Lyndsay O’Hanlon

Lyndsay O’Hanlon

gallery/Paul Deacon
gallery/Jonathan Truslove

Anne Pickersgill-Brown

Jonathan Truslove

Paul Deacon

gallery/erhard  -hongkong- s

Erhard Wingels

gallery/harmony s

Indigo Wise

gallery/peta 1 s

Peta Wright

gallery/Barry Driver

Barry Driver

gallery/Debra Cole

Debra Cole

gallery/Ynes Guevara

Ynes Guevara

gallery/Belinda Wilson

Belinda Wilson