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Nelson Suter Art Society

to promote and encourage the cultivation and production of work in the visual arts


7 October

8 November 2020

Spring Exhibition with guest artist David Ryan. Opening function Wednesday 7th October 5:30pm - 7:30pm

31 August

26 September 2020

LOOK: ENJOY In the McKee Gallery, an exhibition of paintings by Francie Heathfield and Dorothy Meharry. Opening Wednesday 2nd September 5:30pm

10 August

30 August 2020

FIVE ARTISTS FOUR WALLS in the McKee Gallery, a new members' exhibition by Paul Deacon, Karen Joost, Anna Pickersgill-Brown, Debra Cole and Jonathan Truslove.

20 July

9 August 2020

LAND, SEA SKY in the McKee Gallery, an exhibition of paintings, sculpture and ceramics by Peter Copp, Sue Newitt, Lauren Kitts and Gary Gibbens.

29 June

19 July 2020

POND AND INLET in the McKee Gallery, an exhibition by Jocelyn Ward.

8 June

28 June 2020

NSAS NEW MEMBERS in the McKee Gallery, an exhibition by Kitiish Penketh, Dharma Penketh, Lauren Kitts and Jill Seeney.

18 May

7 June 2020

ISOLATION BREAKOUT in the McKee Gallery, an exhibition by Paul Deacon, Philippa Eberlein, Francie Heathfield, Peter Copp, Nick Duncan, Joanne Kouwenhoven, Shirley Crampton and Jill Richards.

30 March 

19 April 2020

Autumn Exhibition cancelled in the McKee Gallery but view artists work on our facebook page. Nelson Suter Art Society.